Experience of Enle TWS OEM TW16 wireless bluetooth earphone wireless earbuds for iphone

Experience of Enle TWS OEM TW16 wireless bluetooth earphone wireless earbuds for iphone

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At present, most flagship smartphones have gradually started to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack. Although this will make most friends who like listening to music feel uncomfortable, canceling the headphone jack can exchange for better waterproof effect and better integration. This A design boom seems inevitable. Therefore, various wireless Bluetooth headsets have been able to grow wildly on this trend node. In the past two years, various Bluetooth headsets have been introduced, and among them, true wireless Bluetooth headsets have attracted the most attention from manufacturers and consumers. www.bjbjaudio.com

The one I want to experience today is the TWS OEM TW16 true wireless Bluetooth headset launched by Enle. The biggest feature of this headset is that it is quite functional. Let's take a step by step understanding. www.bjbjaudio.com 

First of all, open the box first. The packaging of the Enle TWS OEM TW16 true wireless Bluetooth headset is relatively simple and intuitive. The seal is the product appearance of the headset and charging box. Behind it is the functional selling point of the Enle Bluetooth headset. After opening the package, you can see that the Enle Bluetooth headset body and the charging box are independently fixed inside the package, and some accessories of the headset are in the box below. www.bjbjaudio.com

The size of the charging box and the headphone body is not particularly large, and the charging box adopts a flat and long design, which is generally convenient to carry. The charging box is also a layered design. The upper layer is made of glossy plastic material, and the outside of the lower layer is made of frosted metal material. The firmness of the box is quite good. www.bjbjaudio.com

The earphone box adopts the more common magnetic suction opening and closing and the magnetic suction charging of the earphone body. The two metal contacts raised inside are the charging part of the box. When the headset is charging, the LED light on the top will light up in red. The unique feature of this headset is that it can be connected to a mobile phone while the headset is still in the battery box. At this time, the mobile phone will be displayed with a blue LED light. www.bjbjaudio.com

And there are two small transparent dots on the cover of the charging box, which are exactly the positions corresponding to the LED status lights of the headset, so you can judge the status of the headset through the LED lights on the box without opening the cover. The design of this small detail is quite good, and it will be much more convenient to use. www.bjbjaudio.com

There is a function key on the back of the charging box, through which the charging or connection status of the headset can be switched. Although this function improves the efficiency of connecting devices, it is also prone to accidental touches, so pay attention to it in daily use. In the center is the USB charging port, and next to it is the LED indicator light. www.bjbjaudio.com

There are two charging electric shocks on the bottom of the earphones, as well as the logo of the left and right earphones. The top of the earphone is a transparent part. Through this structure, you can see the double moving coil inside. The earphone conduit part is a metal part. It can be seen that the overall design and materials of the earphone are very careful. www.bjbjaudio.com

The top of the back of the headset is an LED indicator light, which is red in the charging state, blue when connected, and flashes in red and blue in the pairing state. The design of this part is basically more general. Below is a metal button with concentric circles depicting lines, and below the button is a radio microphone. www.bjbjaudio.com