How to protect a bluetooth headset circuit board

How to protect a bluetooth headset circuit board

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As a consumer electronic product, the TWS earbuds are loaded with sophisticated control chips, buttons, connectors, and other electronic components on the internal circuit board. As long as it encounters sweat or water, it is easy to crawl and corrode. Bluetooth earbuds will inevitably enter water vapor, sweat, etc. in the process of daily use. If there is no effective protection, the circuit boards, chips, buttons, etc. will be at risk of corrosion damage, which will reduce product quality and increase after-sales costs. Affect the brand effect of the company's products.

1. Nano-coating treatment on the shell of the whole machine: The earphones are protected from the outside of the tws earbuds to avoid the intrusion of water vapor and sweat from the outside, 360° without dead angle coverage, and the colorless invisible film layer will not affect the appearance.

2. PCBA version nano-coating treatment: 0.03mm gap can also be effectively covered, reducing the risk of water vapor, sweat, etc. eroding the circuit board and components, and it can still run well when powered underwater.

3. Sound-transmitting mesh nano-coating treatment: IPX7 waterproof level, preventing water vapor, sweat, etc. from entering the inside of the tws earbuds, and does not affect the function of the sound-transmitting mesh.

4. Earbuds rope nano-coating treatment: high durability, friction resistance, sweat corrosion resistance, and self-cleaning function.


Technical principle
The inelastic collision between excited electrons and reactive gas generates active free radicals, ions, atoms and other particles. These particles undergo a series of chemical polymerization reactions and deposit on the surface of the substrate to form a polymer film with a micro-nano structure similar to the lotus leaf effect. .


Protection principle
The surface of the nano-coating is a layer of bionic structure similar to lotus leaf, and the uneven micro-nano structure can hold up the liquid molecules, so that the substrate and the liquid molecules are not in direct contact.