It is enough to know these 3 points when choosing headphones Wireless earbuds bluetooth

It is enough to know these 3 points when choosing headphones Wireless earbuds bluetooth

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It is enough to know these 3 points when choosing headphones Wireless earbuds bluetooth


The headphone jack of mobile phones is already a common topic, and I have also introduced how to use products such as amps and adapters to help solve troubles. However, it is unavoidable to avoid the burden of the cable. During daily travel, on the subway and bus with surging crowds and people coming and going, if you are not careful, others will hang up your headphone cable; If it is good, the ear hurts, and if the quality is average, the headset is close to being scrapped.

Restricted by the Bluetooth protocol, for a long time, enthusiasts sneered at Bluetooth headsets, and the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets really couldn't compare with wired headsets, let alone Hi-Fi. With the continuous development of technology, the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones is no longer as unpleasant as it once was.

What are the selling points of current Bluetooth headsets?
Bluetooth headsets now bear the brunt of the selling point is "noise reduction"
Noise reduction technology can be divided into passive noise reduction and active noise reduction according to the principle.
There are three types of passive noise reduction. They are noise reduction at the sound source, noise reduction during propagation, and noise reduction at the human ear. For example, general in-ear headphones use passive noise reduction technology.
Passive noise-cancelling headphones have a simple and reliable structure and do not interfere with the music itself, so its sound quality is better than active noise-cancelling headphones.
Active noise reduction relies on the way that sound waves and sound waves cancel each other out. By picking up the noise in the environment first, the sound waves that are opposite to the noise and have the same amplitude cancel each other out in the calculation.

Another big selling point of Bluetooth headsets is "waterproof"
Remove the shackles of the cable, you can better enjoy music during running and other sports. The previous Bluetooth headsets were often corroded by sweat, etc., damaging the unit, and the headset became a consumable item. A good waterproof design can help prolong the service life.

How does Bluetooth technology affect sound quality?
The working principle of the Bluetooth headset: the decoding chip in the mobile phone decodes files such as MP3. Generate a digital signal and send it to the headset via Bluetooth. Then, it is converted into an analog signal by the digital-to-analog chip inside the earphone, so that the unit can receive the signal and make a sound.

The reason why the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets is criticized:
1. When Bluetooth transmits audio data, the audio is lossy compressed, which loses the sound quality.
2. DAC digital-to-analog conversion and amplification are all done inside the Bluetooth headset. Small size and sound quality cannot be taken into account at the same time, which aggravates the loss of sound quality. The current technology has effectively improved the sound quality loss caused by the first problem.
1. SBC encoding: It is the earliest Bluetooth audio transmission encoding, and the sound quality is also the worst, but the compatibility is the best. Any mobile phone's Bluetooth supports SBC.
2. AAC encoding: AAC sound quality is better than SBC, APPLE Apple uses Bluetooth encoding, which is also widely supported by other mobile phones. When the mobile phone plays AAC audio files, using AAC Bluetooth encoding transmission can save one encoding conversion step, and the sound quality is more fidelity.
3. Apt-X encoding: It is a lossless transmission audio transmission format. APTX can play 16-bit/44.1kHz audio up to 352kbps, and aptxHD can support up to 24-bit/48kHz audio up to 576kbps. APTX technology enables pure wireless sound from many of the world's top smartphones, speakers, sound bars, headphones and tablets.
4. LDAC encoding: LDAC is a Bluetooth audio encoding promoted by Sony to achieve Hi-Res level audio transmission. After the new system after Android 8.0, LDAC has become the default Bluetooth audio encoding supported by the system, and all apps can pass LDAC . output audio.
LDAC>APTX>AAC>SBC from code rate transmission. The actual listening sense of LDAC is slightly better, APTX and AAC are almost the same, and the effect of SBC is significantly deteriorated.
Now the Qualcomm CSR8675 chip based on Bluetooth 5.0 has also come out, and there will be no lossy compression in audio transmission. The only thing that affects the sound quality is the DAC digital-to-analog chip and amplification part inside the Bluetooth headset.