TWS Earbuds review-Sennheiser

TWS Earbuds review-Sennheiser

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In the HiFi circle, Sennheiser has always been an audio brand that audiophiles will encounter on the road to HiFi. When Apple AirPods came out, the Sennheiser momentum generation retained a place in the TWS earphone market with its excellent sound quality. As an old-fashioned audio manufacturer, no matter how fresh the functions of the products launched in the market, Sennheiser has always maintained the rhythm of its own product development, and the functional experience has been lagging behind other headphone manufacturers.

At the end of 2021, Sennheiser launched its latest mid-range TWS headset, the Sennheiser CX Plus. This time the headset supports active noise reduction/communication while retaining the consistent sound quality of the Sennheiser family. Transparency mode switching, using Qualcomm's new generation audio codec, can play high-definition lossless audio files up to 96kHz/24bit on mobile phones that support Snapdragon listening technology.

BJBJAUDIO recently got the Sennheiser CX Plus earphone and experienced it. With a deeper understanding of the product, let us enter the evaluation part of the earphone together~

The outer packaging of Sennheiser CX Plus continues the brand's consistent design style. The top is the brand logo of Sennheiser and the English name of the brand. Searle Signature Sound", "Active Noise Cancellation", "Custom Touch", "Water and Sweat Resistant".

The 5 languages behind describe the product features, which are:

1. Using Sennheiser's TrueResponse driver unit, it can easily present deep bass and delicate treble.

2. Support active noise reduction and transparent listening.

3. The touch mode can be customized, and the left and right ears can be used independently.

4. IPX4 waterproof.

5. Ergonomic design.

6. The single playback time is up to 8 hours, the charging box can provide an additional 16 hours of battery life, and the comprehensive battery life reaches 24 hours.

The side of the charging box introduces the earphone APP that can be downloaded from the Google Store and Apple Store, as well as the product packaging list.

Open the outer packaging of the product, the earphone and charging box are placed in the upper part of the box, and the data cable, earmuffs, instruction manual and other objects are placed in the lower part.

Counting the earmuffs installed on the earphones, the silicone earmuffs that come with the earphones come in 4 sizes, including XS/S/M/L, to meet the individual needs of different users.

The Sennheiser CX Plus charging box is similar to the brand's previous true wireless earphone charging box. The user opens and closes, and below the groove is an indicator light indicating the working status of the device.

The top of the charging box is printed with Sennheiser's brand logo.

The Type-C interface for charging is designed on the back of the charging box.

Open the top cover of the charging box, and the Sennheiser CX Plus is placed vertically in the charging box, which is higher than the earphone charging cockpit design, which is convenient for users to take out.

In the era of endless new products of TWS earphones, Sennheiser has been developing this product in the direction it has identified. But this time, the Sennheiser CX Plus headphones are really fragrant headphones in the eyes of the editor. They not only integrate the sound quality of the balanced atmosphere of the Sennheiser family, but also further strengthen the development of functions such as active noise reduction and ambient sound. , which brings a better user experience.

The most important point is that Sennheiser CX Plus headphones have begun to introduce Snapdragon listening technology to achieve 24bit/96KHz audio transmission capability. On the other hand, Sennheiser, which has been developing the functions of TWS earphones unhurriedly, also attaches great importance to wireless audio transmission technology. After all, the increase in transmission rate will improve the sound quality of earphones with high hardware level. Still very big.

To sum up, if you are curious about Sennheiser and want to get a high-quality listening experience, you should try the Sennheiser CX Plus headphones. The low frequency of the earphone has a dive and rebound; the mid-frequency image is clear and the mouth shape is accurate; the high-frequency has quality. The only shortcoming is that the overall sound is a bit dark, but the overall sound quality is still the top among the products at the same price.