What is headphone aging?

What is headphone aging?

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The rapid development of TWS earphones, the continuous improvement of product performance, and the richer functions, have gradually been recognized by consumers and have been rapidly popularized.https://bjbjaudio.com/

Behind this, there are many supply chain manufacturers such as main control chips, power management ICs, wireless charging receiver chips, charging box batteries, earphone batteries, etc., as well as the efforts of related manufacturers such as factory assembly and product testing. Healthy and stable development.https://bjbjaudio.com/

1.What is headphone aging?
Aging headphones is the equivalent of putting on a new pair of shoes. Before you start listening to music or whatever with your new headphones, you'll be playing many different frequencies and tones to wear the drivers and diaphragms.https://bjbjaudio.com/

Like a new pair of shoes, the characteristics of your headphones or earbuds will change as the components age. Once the headphone drivers start to lose their rigid, out-of-the-box sound making, you'll start to hear the headphones they're really designed for, making your audio experience sound better in the process.

There is no specific time when the headset should be burned. There is a lot of advice from experts, audiophiles, and middlemen, but nothing is set in stone. Depending on what you read, it can take up to 4 hours or up to 400 hours for headphones to age.

2. Why do TWS headsets need to be tested?
TWS headphones need to do a lot of testing in the research and development stage, the main purpose is to define the performance and quality of the product, and at the same time pass the certification of the product, so that the product can be brought to the market with guaranteed quality.https://bjbjaudio.com/