what is inductance

what is inductance

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Electronic products have gradually emerged relying on the rapid development of electronic technology. With the rapid development of integrated circuits from small-scale integrated circuits to large-scale integrated circuits and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, the volume, performance, and power consumption of electronic products have been continuously optimized, and are moving towards developing in an intelligent direction.https://bjbjaudio.com/

Entering the 21st century, consumer electronics products represented by mobile phones, computers and household appliances have ushered in a period of explosive growth. After more than 20 years of rapid development, more products such as smart phones, notebooks, TWS headsets, smart watches, smart bracelets, and smart homes have been continuously extended, expanding and facilitating people's daily work and life, making People have gradually been unable to leave these products.https://bjbjaudio.com/
The rapid increase in sales of consumer electronic products has driven the development of related industrial chains, including mobile processors, power management, batteries, imaging systems, sensors, as well as inductors, resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc., and the upgrading of the industrial chain, It directly affects the user experience of the end product.https://bjbjaudio.com/

Among them, inductors, as a device that stores and releases energy, are widely used in consumer electronic products, including laminated inductors, wire wound inductors, precision wire wound inductors, and integrally formed inductors.https://bjbjaudio.com/

The types of inductors are very rich, such as one-piece molding (3*3 will be used as the dividing line, smaller than 3*3 is called small one, and greater than or equal to 3*3 is called large one), NR magnetic winding type, precision winding Line type, laminated printing type, etc., different types of power inductors, suitable for different terminal products, among which small integrated inductors have the characteristics of high current, low internal resistance, and excellent overall performance, targeting high-performance miniaturized terminals The product is the best choice, but the disadvantage is that the inductance value is low, and it cannot be applied to products with lower current such as Bluetooth headsets, smart wearables, and micro communication modules.https://bjbjaudio.com/

Why is the inductance value of the small integrated power inductor not high?

For the inductance, the calculation formula of the inductance value is L=( k ×u ×N² ×S ) /l, where "N" represents the number of turns of the coil, which has a square relationship with the inductance value. Just as needed, due to process limitations, the smaller the volume, the fewer coil turns that can be wound inside it, resulting in a sharp drop in the inductance value. For terminal products such as smart wearables, Internet of Things, Bluetooth headsets, portable microphones, and micro communication modules, both small size and high inductance power inductors are required to improve the overall performance, which has become a technical bottleneck.https://bjbjaudio.com/

The rapid development of electronic products and the outbreak of emerging markets such as the Internet of Things, smart wear, and smart home have made the market demand for inductance products steadily expanding. And with the upgrade of product experience and richer functional applications, the number of inductors required for a single product is also increasing exponentially, and inductor products still have a broad space for development in the future.https://bjbjaudio.com/