What is Pogo Pin Connector ?

What is Pogo Pin Connector ?

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pogo pin thimble composition

The main components of the 5G RF pogo pin thimble connector include the needle shaft, spring, and needle tube. The pogo pin connector uses this design, which can save space to a large extent, have a long service life, and have a small point-to-point spacing.https://bjbjaudio.com/

Among them, the needle shaft is an important part of the pogo pin connector. The needle shaft is mainly divided into: reverse drilling and beveled edge and coaxial. Designed according to different requirements. Because the back-drilling is light and small, it is an electronic product that requires a connector with a small size. The anti-drilled needle shaft can meet the requirements of the manufacturer for the spring. Even if the spring exceeds the length of the needle tube, the needle shaft can be hollowed out to give the spring more room. The beveled edge is mainly to ensure that the needle shaft can have a larger contact with the needle tube, thereby ensuring a stable and low connection resistance. Coaxial allows more current to pass through the pins.https://bjbjaudio.com/

The use of a 5G radio frequency pogo pin

1. The thimble should be arranged so that the ejection force is as balanced as possible. The demolding force required for complex structures is high, and the number of sleeves should be increased.
2. Prevent thimbles on steps or inclined surfaces. The top surface of the thimble should be as flat as possible, and the thimble should be placed on the structural part with good force.
3. When the rubber part has a deep bone position (depth ≥ 20mm) or when the dome thimble cannot be arranged, the flat thimble should be used. When a flat thimble needs to be applied, the flat thimble should be in the form of an insert to facilitate machining.

4. Prevent sharp point steel, thin steel, especially the top surface of the thimble, from contacting the front die surface.
5. Before arranging the thimble, the edge distance between the thimble and the water delivery channel needs to be considered to prevent adverse effects on the processing and water leakage of the water delivery channel.https://bjbjaudio.com/
6. Considering the exhaust function of the 5G RF pogo pin connector, in order to discharge the ejector, the ejector pin should be placed in a part where a vacuum is easily formed. For example, at the large plane of the cavity, although the rubber part has a small packing force, it is easy to form a vacuum, resulting in an increase in the release force.https://bjbjaudio.com/
7. For plastic parts with appearance requirements, the thimble should not be placed on the design surface, but other spray methods should be used.https://bjbjaudio.com/